NESSie – Supporting Positive Mental Health in Schools

What is NESSie?


NESSie is a mental health service which provides art therapies and counselling to children and young people in educational settings across Hertfordshire and Essex.

“Developed and delivered by a team of experienced Arts therapists and counsellors, NESSie provides a wrap around service delivery model to ensure children and young people are accessing the right level support to meet individual needs, as well as providing support and training for parents and professionals. NESSie works in collaboration with local SEND and mental health and emotional wellbeing Transformation plans and is part of the ‘Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Learning Collaboration’  programme.” (NESSie Website, 2020)


Meet the Team – Introduces you to NESSie staff members and their experiences and qualifications.


NESSie Leaflet – provides a brief overview of what services NESSie provides.


NESSie Referral Form – Arts Therapy Referral Form (for schools only).

Covid-19 Updates:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, NESSie have moved their whole service to remote access. They continue to provide children, young adults and their families and professionals working in education with quality assured mental health support.