Local High Needs Funding (LHNF)

Local High Needs Funding (LHNF)

The Local High Needs Funding system has replaced ENF top-up funding.  It is designed to support children and young people (CYP) with emerging high needs or who have needs that fall outside the EHCP process.  It is managed locally within the nine DSPL areas, although funding is paid out centrally into school budgets.


Schools and EY settings can apply for CYP who:

  • do not have an EHCP but are exhibiting needs at Band 3 or above
  • are entering the education system with significant needs from the outset, and cannot access the setting without a high level of support.
  • have experienced a life-changing event that has significantly impacted access to education
  • would benefit from short-term funding to mitigate challenging educational circumstances
  • have moved from another local authority with an EHCP, with needs at Band 3 or above, and for whom funding is needed until the annual review takes place


Each DSPL area holds monthly panels, which are made up of local EY, Primary and Secondary SENCos and ISL reps.  Applications should be sent through SchoolsFx to the designated LHNF panel email address – dspl7lhnfpanel@dspl7.org.uk .  These need to be submitted 2 weeks prior to the date of the panel.  Late applications are carried forward to the next panel.


Panel dates for the summer term are:


Panel date: Fri 14th May Thurs 10th June Fri 9th July
Applications close: Fri 30th April Thurs 27th May Fri 25th June


Contact the DSPL7 manager if further information is required.