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Welcome to St Albans, Harpenden and Villages DSPL7 Website

What is Delivering Special Provision Locally (DSPL)?

DSPL is a Hertfordshire-wide partnership approach where parents, carers, staff in early years settings and schools, further education colleges, local authority officers and representatives from other agencies, work together as part of an Area Group, to ensure that there is a range of provision and support services available in their local community that :


• Meets the needs of children and young people with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND), aged 0-25, as close to home as possible

• Widens choice for children and parers/carers

• Removes barriers to learning

• Improves outcomes for wellbeing and attainment

• Uses resources more effectively  



There are nine DSPL Area Groups across the county that meet regularly to discuss what services are available and to influence how services are shaped and developed to ensure the children and young people with SEND in their area receive the right support in their educational activities.

The DSPL County Group is made up of:

    -    DSPL Area Group Chairs (Head teachers)

    -    A Health care manager

    -    Parents and carers

    -    Representatives from:

           •  Early Years settings

           •  Primary Head teachers Forum (PHF)

           •  Hertfordshire Association of Secondary School Head teachers (HASSH),

           •  Special School Head teachers Forum (SSHF)

           •  Local Authority Officers

It meets three times a year and is accountable for ensuring the 9 DSPL areas are working in partnership both locally and across the county to provide the right support services for the children and young people with SEND.   


DSPL7 - Board:

The DSPL7 Board meets six times a year and has the following Board Members:


Androulla Peek - CEO Spiral Partnership Trust - DSPL7 Lead

Margot Nichols - DSPL7

Elaine Bridle - DSPL7

David Canning - ISL

Silvia Hundal - ISL

Melanie Flay - ISL

David Allen - HT Links Academy, St Albans

Stephen Hoult-Allen - HT The Collett School

Christine Theakston - DHT St Georges School, Harpenden

Damien Johnston - HT Margaret Wix Primary, St Albans

Lisa Roberts - HT Sandridge Primary

Steven Lloyd - HT Sauncey Wood Primary

TBC - Oaklands College

Serena Baker - Parent Representative

Angela Gaughan - Parent Representative

Gillian Warwick Thompson - Parent representative


Board meeting 09/05/18 - minutes

Board meeting 27/06/18 - minutes

Board meeting 12/09/18 - minutes

Board meeting 07/11/18 - minutes

Board meeting 06/03/19 - minutes

Board meeting 08/05/19 - minutes

Board meeting 26/06/19 - minutes


DSPL7 Annual Report 2017/18


September 2019 Newsletter


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