Resources Library

Resources Library

Please note that these resources are only available for schools.


The resources library will be open for schools to collect and return items on Wednesdays only, between 8:30 am – 2:30pm.


DSPL7 has a number of resources suitable for pupils with ASD and sensory needs, which can be borrowed by schools for up to half a term (6-weeks). This allows schools to trial these larger, more expensive items to see if they have a positive impact on pupils. To view or borrow any resources, please fill in the request form and send it to the administration team, Sophie Heselton and Rachel Robin, at Please be aware that any loss or damage to any of the following resources may result in a claim from DSPL7 for reimbursement of the cost of the equipment. There may be a waiting list for some of the more popular items; these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.



Classroom Resources

Sensory Resource Boxes (x5)

Contents include: Ear defenders, ear plugs, liquid and digital timers, carpet spot, assorted fiddle toys, theraputty, calming down strategy cards, emotions fans and talking tins.

Ear Plugs

For children with sound sensitivity who don’t want to wear ear defenders.

Move ‘n sit cushions (x6)

An air-filled seat wedge that is similar to sitting on a Gym Ball (or balloon). The wedge shape and unevenness of the cushion adds an element of instability, keeping your body in motion and enhancing stomach and back muscles. It is designed to promote active sitting.

Weighted blanket, lap-pads and vests

The deep pressure provided by weighted jackets has a “calming and organising” effect on the body’s proprioceptive system. They are commonly recommended by Occupational Therapists for use in the classroom to increase attention span and reduce hyperactivity often seen in children with autism, ADHD, sensory and learning difficulties.



Larger Resources


Ball Chair (x3)

Small chair aged 4-8; large chair 9-adult

Sitting on a stability ball supports and builds core muscles and helps children focus by expending the excess energy they build up.

Squeeze machine (x3)

Providing all over deep pressure as the user rolls between the soft, squishy bumpers, the Squeeze Machine can be an invaluable sensory toy for children that need deep proprioceptive input.

IKEA Hooded swivel chair (x4)

Fits an average sized primary school child.

Children’s Therapy Body Exercise Ball

The therapy exercise ball is a great way to help with:  Balancing exercises and skills  Co-ordination skills  Increased flexibility Balls should only be used if recommended by an OT and if a programme of exercise has been provided. Peanut ball also available.

Pop up dark den

Versatile pop up Sensory Pod ideal for environments where a full sensory room is not available. Use with projectors and light sources (not included). Provides safe and enclosed area for sensory exploration Instant ‘pop up’ set up-folds away easily.

Sensory Light Ball

For use inside the pop up dark den. With a remote control included, you can choose between 16 different colours or even set it to fade from colour to colour. Powered by low voltage mains power supply and comes with the base charge unit. 6 hour charge cycle means they can be taken off base station after full charge.

Bubble floor lamp (x6)

80cm colour changed LED bubble lamp with 6 fish.
Mains powered, plastic tube.


To access a flyer outlining the above resource items, please see: Resource Library Items Flyer