Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome advisors into schools / settings:

DSPL7 fund Down Syndrome Advisor visits to relevant schools and settings, to discuss the child’s progress and to provide advice and guidance.  If a school or setting would like to take advantage of this service, please contact us.


DSPL7 Information Sheet


Inclusively Down – aims to support schools, settings, families and professionals to further develop their knowledge and skills to establish an inclusive learning environment, which meets the individual learning needs of children and young people with Down syndrome.

Inclusively Down Packages and Interventions

Inclusively Down Training Packages


Parent/Carer Support Groups & Information:


Up on Downs Hertfordshire – Up on Downs is a parent run organisation which supports families of children with Down’s Syndrome.

Down’s Syndrome Association – provides information, support and advice for those with Down’s Syndrome and their families.

Down Syndrome Education International – a national resource for children, parents, carers, teachers and researchers. Devises programmes to encourage children to progress, provides parenting skills and undertakes research.