Behaviour For Learning

Behaviour For Learning

The Links Academy serves the needs of primary and secondary schools and their students in the St. Albans and Harpenden districts of Hertfordshire.  We do this by offering an alternative to mainstream school for 11-17 year olds at our onsite academy and by our Outreach Team who work with staff and students in school


Hertfordshire Grid for Learning – learning behaviour


Primary Support Base


Understanding your child’s behaviour


Behaviour blueprint – what works in the classroom and why


Thinking Beneath Behaviour:

Timetable for training sessions


Session 1 – observation

Observation of positive/negative behaviour

Behaviour monitoring

Behaviour observation

Checklist for pupil causing concern


Fixed Interval Sample


Session 2 – making sense of challenging behaviour

I am cards


Session 3 – communication brainstorm

Everything we do is communication

Role play



Session 4 – Example student action plan

Student action plan

Smiley Cue Cards

Question Marks


Boom chica boom


Session 5 – Working in partnership

Top tips for effective meetings 


Session 6 – documentation containing:

Outreach Services presentation

Service Request Form

Staff Training Request

Primary Assessment and progress form

Secondary Assessment and progress form


Behaviour Leads case study


Resources from Dr Bill Rogers Behaviour conference


Ian Gilbert’s book of Thunks

Thunk powerpoint with some examples


Tree of life

Tree of life summary

Tree of life workshop


Avoidant A

Anxiously / Ambivalent C

Insecure / Disorganised D

Type A, C, D